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When donations mean everything to your charity, you need to make sure your website is pulling out all the stops to bring them in.

As part of a marketing or UX team, you want to be able to trust that your website can engage and convert visitors.

You may know where the issues on your site lie, or you may have a hunch, but ultimately you’ve run out of ideas and need a clear plan to establish what you can do to fix these issues.

That ingredient is locked up in your users’ brain. We will help you unlock those secrets and guide you on how to apply them with an approach that’s scientific, proven and complementary to your campaigns.

We want to help you regain your confidence and pride in your website so that not only donations increase, but also regular donations as well as overall donation values.

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Take the donations scorecard
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Step Two

Built for increasing donations and ADV

Following the successful completion of a Charity donations Blueprint and a run-through of our recommendations, we’ll help you plot out an optimisation plan using a sprint-approach, grouping the adjustments needed into appropriate groups and ranked by priority and time required, focusing on both quick wins and longer-term strategic changes.


You’ll have one of three options available:

  • We’ll help you bring our recommendations to life
  • We act as consultants on the implementation
  • Or we can simply hand everything over to you

Driven by Results

Over the last few years we’ve completed hundreds of website reviews and audits and the feedback has always been positive.

So we decided to package up our expertise so we can offer the most amount of value for those who may be at crossroads. Our SmartSite in 60 clients know there are issues with their website but are unsure exactly how to proceed. In 1 hour we unpack the problems and provide a clear pathway to the solution.

"Being able to have open conversation where as a client you are steered in the right direction sometimes, is fantastic. I highly recommend"

Sight Scotland


So what is the process?


Defining organisational goals

It all starts with getting to know your charity inside out. Although we're user focused, it needs to be aligned with your charity's vision, and empathetic of any restraints in place.

User & UX research

Understanding users & identifying problems

Here is the meaty bit - getting to know your users & the potential you’re missing out on, whilst identifying opportunities & understanding the limitations of your existing website.


Making recommendations

From the discovery work completed, we’ll add a further sprinkling of behavioural science and psychology to produce in-depth, actionable recommendations. We’re then on hand to help you with implementation through consultancy & UX design if necessary.

Getting you results

The key to everything is about making the user the centre of your story.

Heuristic & expert reviews

It’s important you get the basics right. These UX reviews will provide an important starting point

Persona workshops

Using behavioural science models to help us unlock what really drives your users

Customer journey mapping

To understand the stages and emotions your users go through, so solutions are empathetic of these

Usability testing

To observe how users are navigating your website and how we can mitigate any friction they encounter

Analytics audit

Using data to direct us in our research and support us with our recommendations

Narrative workshop

Humans make sense of the world through narrative. It’s how we organise the knowledge we collect and how we remember things.

"Customers/Clients are at the heart of anything a marketing communications team does. OrangeGrove really understand this and also really understand the charity sector too. Being able to have open conversation where as a client you are steered in the right direction sometimes, is fantastic. There is never any judgement and they will also try very hard to work with you and your budget. I highly recommend OrangeGrove."

Mairi Sutherland
Marketing Manager Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans

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