About us

We're a passionate bunch focused on innovating the web through our user-focused methodology and making it nicer place to be


What we believe

We believe that just because it’s always been done one way, doesn’t mean it still should be.

Websites are stuck in the dark ages, in a time that pre-dated the information age. And it’s now time we brought them into the 21st century.

Our mission is to make the web a more human-centred, user-friendly and accessible place for all.

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OrangeGrove looks to spread the word about our unique user-centric approach by putting on webinars, courses and setting up an in-person meet-up to discuss neuromarketing for better UX.


We started to explore the use of behavioural science and neuromarketing in the websites we delivered and saw some encouraging results.


OrangeGrove became a limited company and Louisa started to focus more and more on UX optimised websites to drive results for clients. The team started to grow too.


OrangeGrove started to grow. We took on more clients who were after quality websites. We even landed Tom Kerridge and did two websites for his restaurants!


Louisa set up her freelance business and set to work for business clients and agencies, supporting them with anything from web design and build, to SEO and logo design.

Built on a science-backed, data-driven approach

The Science

Why the website user is central to our story

To date websites have always been about the sell. But here in the 21st century information-age, we know we need more than this to really engage users and convince them to pick us or our products.

The key to this is locked up in our user’s minds. We need to access that information and the secrets they hold inside.

The only way to do this is through detailed user research. Putting them front and centre and changing a website so it resonates and engages them, will result in lower bounce-rates, higher engagement, greater brand advocates and higher conversions.

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Working with us

The values we’re built on


We will always be exploring technology and the latest in neuroscience to understand how we can make our websites work even more effectively. Our work will never be done here and we'll constantly be innovating to bring you the best results.

Evidence based

Theories and best guesses are the first step, but we look to validate our hypothesis so we can bring you science-backed, data driven insights to apply to your sites for maximum effectiveness.

User centric

The user will remain at the heart of absolutely everything we do. They're the ones using the interfaces, so they're the ones we should design and build for.

Results focused

Because this is what really matters. The journey is irrelevant if the destination doesn't deliver results. We work hard to monitor the results our work has wherever possible.

Meet the team

Meet the team who will be taking you on this new learning experience

Louisa Dunbar
Founder, Managing Director

Louisa Dunbar

Harvey - UX designer
User Experience Designer

Harvey Jones

Karl - Developer
Full Stack Developer

Karl Maw

Vaso - UX Researcher
UX Researcher

Vaso Traiko

Behavioural Science Consultant

Beatrice Andrew

Stay in the know

Innovating the web…together

Something you should know about us is that we want to spread our knowledge. We’ve no interest in keeping what we know the best kept secret. We want to empower others and create a community of like-minded marketers who thrive off science, facts and data.

Sharing latest insight and thinking on the topic of neuromarketing, together we can innovate the web.

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