User Research

User research is a key part of any discovery process. It's designed to unlock the secrets and opportunities hidden away in your user's brains.

A message from our MD

“Websites have been around for almost 20 years, but only a handful truly connect with their users to ultimately inspire them to use their products or services.

Our job is to tap into your customers’ brain and understand everything about them to establish how we might go about achieving this.”

Louisa Dunbar
UX Research

Types of research by expected results

Step 1 - Heuristics

No research project is complete without reviewing your website to check it meets the most basic of UX principles.

Step 2 - Enhancing Experience

The next step up from heuristics is to search for and identify opportunities for enhanced website engagement or fix specific problems.

Step 3 - Surprise & Delight

Surprising & delighting your users is the ultimate step. It's about finding an experience which will invoke an almost visible positive emotional reaction in your user.

Built on a science-backed, data-driven approach

Show me the science
User research solutions

Broken down into the levels of depth you're looking to explore with your users:

"The heuristic review was particularly helpful short term and the personas for the strategic longer term approach"

Collette Lux

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