Analytics review

Looking at website analytics, including conversions, exits, time on page, and other factors, is a data-driven way of finding opportunities for improvement

Analytics review

An analytics review is worth considering if you:

• Are looking to establish how users have been behaving on the site over a certain period of time.

• Would like a data-orientated approach to identify areas of improvement on a website or interface.

• Would like to see a data-driven approach to segmenting users based on their site behaviour to guide decisions.

• Need to understand whether analytics and tracking are set up effectively ahead of significant work for benchmarking and successful on-going tracking.

Is an analytics review right for me?

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Why might an analytics review benefit me?

Data-driven insights

It's about eliminating biases and preconceptions regarding the website, and instead relying on data.

How your users are behaving

Using data collected over a certain period of time, we're able to report how users really behave on your website.

Confirming assumptions

Following on from heuristic and expert reviews, studying analytics helps us confirm assumptions and prioritise.

Combining data

Drawing data from multiple programs like Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity etc, provides wholesome insight.

Optimise data collection

Receive recommendations on what changes need to be made to collect better data in the future.


Receive clear next-step recommendations on how to make improvements to your site.

"We are really pleased with the service that we have received from both Louisa and her team. What we got was not only bespoke design, but a site that was tailored to our needs. They kept us informed throughout the build and got back to us quickly with any query that we had. They are thoroughly refreshing with their professionalism, innovative and friendliness."

Mike Denis
CEO, Akrivia Health

Qual & Quant

A balanced user research project will contain both quantitative and qualitative insights

A data-driven approach is very important. Data gathered from page analytics using Google Analytics or something like Microsoft Clarity can give us so many useful insights, and there’s often very little margin for error in terms of interpreting the results of that data gathered.

It can be extremely useful in terms of uncovering friction or errors that could otherwise be missed by expert reviews, user testing and heuristic audits. So analysing page analytics (looking at clicks, journeys, scrolls, exits etc)  can also be very helpful when trying to understand our audience better and their journey. It may be very different to what may be pressumed.

However a data-driven approach alone is likely to miss insights that only humans might pick up on. It can miss the context. We know the what, but don’t always know the why. It’s therefore recommended that an analytics review is done in conjunction with one or more of the qualitative solutions mentioned above. Used together they can help us prioritise design problems.

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