Expert review

Performed by a highly experienced UX professional, an expert review will provide you with clear actionable insight, designed to make a measurable difference to your website, quickly.

Expert UX review

You may be looking for an expert review if:

You have a suspicion, or data to confirm the fact, that there are problems with the user experience on your website, and would like to understand where those problems lie and how to fix them.

You need an external, independent review of your site to convince key stakeholders that work needs to be done on the site to improve user experience.

You have identified your conversion rate is sub-par and would like some guidance on changes you can make quickly and easily to try and increase this.

You would like the website to become more human-centred and want to understand how to achieve this.

You’re undergoing a redesign with another design agency and would like an impartial review at the design stage to ensure it’s meeting standards.

Expert reviews are performed by UX experts with years of experience optimising websites, and will help you with all of the above. They comprise of an in-depth report outlining what is and isn’t currently optimal UX on your website with detailed recommendations on how you can improve it.

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Expert UX review

What you can expect from a professional UX review

Based on behavioural science

Knowing and understanding how users interact with your site optimally

Page by page

Detailed review covering all the important pages on your website

Unbiased report

Our recommendations are based on science and our experience in how users interact optimally with a website

Detailed recommendations

We will give you clear guidance on how to implement our feedback

Psychology theories

Recommendations will include how to incorporate theories of psychology to maximise engagement & conversions

Fast feedback

If speed is important to you, a report can be compiled quickly so changes can be implemented

"We approached OrangeGrove at the start of our redesign project on the Oxbridge website. We were interested in the unique neuro angle that OrangeGrove could offer, and wanted to incorporate behavioural science into the process to maximise the chance of successful output. OrangeGrove worked on our behalf, auditing and providing structured, focused feedback to the design agency at pertinent points throughout the project. Their recommendations were then incorporated into the wireframing and design process. Their insight gave us extra confidence in the end result and helped us ensure the redesign kept our goals in sight and best interests at heart."

Matt Jones
Owner - Oxbridge

The science

The psychology of decision-making and its role in an expert review of your website

An expert review will only be useful if it is delivered with as few biases or personal preferences as humanly possible.

Over the years we have observed and analysed many-a-user and website. We’re also constantly researching and learning about the neuroscience and psychology of decision-making. As a result we have put in place a specific methodology which encompasses these things, so we can approach our Expert Reviews ensuring you receive recommendations which are coherent, structured and consider the user’s whole brain.

We will also take into account your specific, unique organisational perspective which we’ll gather in a preliminary kick-off meeting.


The Science

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