Usability testing

A method designed to understand your user's true behaviour by observing them complete a set of tasks

User testing

User testing should be considered if:

You are aware there are usability problems with your website and would like to understand these on a deeper intellectual level.

You would like to understand how users are currently interacting with your website and what changes might improve the user experience.

You have identified your conversion rate is sub-par and would like some in-depth guidance produced from insights gathered from real target users.

Your conversion rate is ok, but you’ve been tasked with finding out how you can use your website to drive more sales or enquiries.

You’d like to test potential solutions to find the design that performs best.

Is user testing right for me?

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Why might usability testing benefit me?

Hidden insight

Real user feedback often uncovers insight not covered by a heuristics audit.

Identifying problems

It's about eliminating unnecessary friction in the design of the website or interface.


The more we learn about the user’s behaviour, preferences and journey, the better.

Reframes focus

Back onto the user. Especially valuable if this focus has been lost in an organisation.

Reduces risk

When proposing solutions, usability testing can provide reassurance of success before a site launches

Add neuromarketing tools

For a deeper, more accurate and scientific approach, eliminating the risk of confirmation bias.

"OrangeGrove brought an intellectually rigorous, dispassionate approach to our website review, helping us to see beyond existing thought-biases to understand more clearly our audiences’ needs. They were professional, challenging and great fun to work with"

Collette Lux


What's the role of neuromarketing in user testing?

User testing is a proven comprehensive way of gaining user-insight and feedback on website journeys. There is no doubt that the results of these tests can be analysed and recommendations for improvements made.

But with anything of this nature, neuroscience and behavioural science tells us that biases can creep in and skew some results.

For this reason, at the very least we recommend combining user testing with an Analytics review.

But wherever possible we would suggest going that additional step to eliminate as much bias as possible by incorporating neuromarketing tools in the usability testing process. Tools such as eye-tracking, GSR & EEG can help us understand the body’s automatic emotional response to see if it aligns with what the test-user says they’re experiencing. It can also pick up on areas of friction which don’t enter their consciousness, therefore resulting in a deeper, more insightful test process.

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