Persona workshops

Discover and prioritise your audience groups, their goals, concerns and drivers using behavioural science and extract the digital translation

Persona workshops

We recommend you undergo a persona workshop if:

You’d like to embrace a more user-centric approach to your website and marketing and brand as a whole.

You’re looking to define and, or prioritise your audience groups for greater clarity particularly with how they’re addressed in your marketing.

Would like to unify your brand and get stakeholders on the same page with regards to your target audience.

You’re looking to understand your users on a deep, psychological level and identify the opportunities that lie there.

Unsure whether a persona workshop is right for you?

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How might a persona workshop help me?

Empathetic approach

Using a behavioural psychology model we'll decode each persona's unconscious motivations to encourage empathy with the user

Promotes a deeper understanding

Discover each persona's needs, concerns and fears

Qualified behavioural scientist

Our workshops all involve a qualified behavioural scientist to deliver and decode the information gathered


They help organisations to stop focusing on their own perspective and instead put the user first

Unite stakeholders

A persona workshop gets everyone on the same page with who you're trying to reach for a unified approach

Expert digital translation

Our team consisting of a behavioural scientist, UX designer and researcher will refine the digital recommendations

"The heuristic review was particularly helpful short term and the personas for the strategic longer term approach"

Collette Lux

Behavioural science

Why is behavioural science important in persona workshops

We’ve never believed in the traditional types of persona work where you might define who your personas are in terms of what car they drive, how many children they have or what magazine they read.

Insights should look to uncover valuable insights you can translate into the marketing work you do every day including on the website.

You should be able to use it to inform everything from your tone of voice across all marketing to website structure.

To achieve this you need to get inside the heads of your personas and uncover their drivers. Using tried and tested behavioural science models we’re able to do this effectively. Once we know what their drivers are, we’re able to assign the correct solutions.

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