Narrative workshop

Humans make sense of the world through narrative. It’s how we organise the knowledge we collect and how we remember things. Adding a narrative to your digital journey is a scientifically proven way to engage and convert users

Narrative workshop

Establishing your organisational narrative should be considered if:

Are hoping to unite your brand with a more cohesive tone of voice which runs seamlessly through all digital channels.

Are looking to update the copy on your website and would like to understand what your unique story is to weave and connect each page of your site.

Are open to using techniques tried and tested with neuroscience, to guide desirable economic behaviour in your target audience, such as engaging, persuading and converting.

Is a narrative workship right for me?

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Key benefits

Stories resonate for many reasons, which is why we see them as such a valuable tool in business:

Primal instincts

It’s a primal form of communication linked to traditions, legends, and even symbols that are still being found to this day in caves.

Appeal to all

There’s no cultural or generational cut off with stories. They appeal to everyone, everywhere.

A key persuasive tool

We use stories to justify our decisions, how we persuade, and how we understand our place in the world.

Stories provide order

Importantly, stories provide order. They’re familiar, comfortable and predictable. We can withstand intense emotions because in a story structure, resolution always follows conflict.

Stories provide hope

In a story, one emotion will always be present, and that’s hope.

They draw the user into our business story

Stories trigger our imagination so we ourselves become participants in the narrative. The reader sees themselves as the hero of the story.

"We approached OrangeGrove at the start of our redesign project on the Oxbridge website. We were interested in the unique neuro angle that OrangeGrove could offer, and wanted to incorporate behavioural science into the process to maximise the chance of successful output. OrangeGrove worked on our behalf, auditing and providing structured, focused feedback to the design agency at pertinent points throughout the project. Their recommendations were then incorporated into the wireframing and design process. Their insight gave us extra confidence in the end result and helped us ensure the redesign kept our goals in sight and best interests at heart."

Matt Jones
Owner - Oxbridge


The neuroscience of storytelling and why it's a vital part of user research

Oxytocin is the neurochemical responsible for empathy and narrative transportation. It has been proven that when the brain synthesizes oxytocin, people are more trustworthy, generous, charitable, and compassionate.

These are the exact responses we might look to elicit in our consumers to encourage them to trust our organisations, engage with them and spend money with us.

An experiment undertaken by Paul J Zak concluded that a narrative had the power to change behaviour by changing the brain’s chemisty.

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