Customer journey mapping

Look to uncover key opportunities in a customer's digital journey using a neuro-focused approach, which highlights their problems, tasks, questions and emotions.

Customer journey maps

We recommend you undergo customer journey mapping if you:

Need to identify opportunities to enhance your website to increase engagement, identify business opportunities and optimise conversions.

Are looking to understand your customer’s experience in more detail and what opportunities there might be to enhance it.

Want to get your organisation onto the same page with regards to a user-centric approach so they are more empathetic and willing to invest in solutions which will enhance the digital journey.

Are looking for a science-led approach to getting to know your users, for smoother stakeholder buy-in.

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Key benefits

How might a customer journey map benefit my organisation?

Unlock valuable insights

Customer journey mapping can uncover solutions which perfectly meet your user's needs at any given phase of their journey

Optimise the user's journey

Applying such tailored solutions is designed to increase engagement, connection and converions

Unites stakeholders

A customer journey map helps everyone understand the user's discovery and sales funnel process and become more empathetic


They help organisations to stop focusing on their own perspective and instead put the user and their journey first

Get a deep understanding

Of the user and each stage of their journey, throughout their entire digital journey


Get to understand exactly what is going through your user's minds at each stage of their journey, for great empathy and consideration

"OrangeGrove brought an intellectually rigorous, dispassionate approach to our website review, helping us to see beyond existing thought-biases to understand more clearly our audiences’ needs. They were professional, challenging and great fun to work with"

Collette Lux

behavioural science

Why adding a layer of behavioural science is important in customer journey mapping

True understanding comes from digging deep, and you can’t get deeper than unlocking the secrets hidden in your user’s minds.

It’s all about understanding the root of the issues and barriers they’re facing and how it’s affecting them emotionally or transactionally.

Only then is it possible to apply the most appropriate solutions to solve the problems they’re having.

Behavioural science helps us unlock these secrets by tapping into the brain using tried and tested frameworks. This is why we recommend customer journey mapping alongside persona workshops as they’re very complementary. A persona focuses on the person, while a customer journey map focuses on their experience.

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