Heuristics audit

A method for finding usability flaws in a design by judging it against known principles that make interfaces easy to use.

Heuristics audit

You may be looking for a heuristics audit if:

You are aware there are basic usability problems with your website but need a framework to work from to implement changes in a logical manner.

You need an external, independent analysis of your site to convince key stakeholders that work needs to be done on the site to improve user experience.

You have identified your conversion rate is sub-par and would like some guidance on changes you can make quickly and easily to try and increase this.

Is a heuristics audit right for me?

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How might a heurisitcs audit benefit me?

Actionable insight

The audit is accompanied by a conclusion document detailing recommendations for fixes.

Easy or difficult

You will achieve an understanding on whether your website is easy or difficult to use.


You will find out whether your site is working in a way which is optimal for a human-computer interaction.


The conclusion and subsequent feedback you'll receive will be prioritised for easy, actionable reference.

Low-hanging fruit

A heuristics audit is ideal if what you're looking for are quick wins.


An audit can be produced quickly with minimal input from your side.

"Thank you once again, it was a fantastic audit and there are some really interesting insights on there with some great wins we can implement as a starting point. It’ll be a fabulous tool to work from to guide future iterations for our company so thank you very much for all the insight, I can’t recommend you enough!"

Haley Johnson
Digital Marketing Executive

What is heuristics?

Heuristics: mental shortcuts that allow us to solve problems and make judgments quickly and efficiently.

Heuristics basically means ‘rule of thumb’ and as such, the heuristics audit marks a website against a checklist of 10 best practice principles broken down into further points, which can be applied to a wide range of user interfaces.

The audit we hand over to you will include detailed explanations on what needs to be presented on your website in order for it to pass these checks. It is an actionable document, which can help businesses apply quick-wins to make their websites and interfaces instantly more user-friendly.

We see it as an entry-level aspect of user-research which has a solid place for allowing us to gather vital information about a site but for maximum benefits should be accompanied by other means of user research. If a website or interface fails any of the top 4 principles, we recommend investigating further through usability testing and data analysis.

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