Becoming human-centred: Unlocked in 3 dimensions

Louisa Dunbar - Founder August 30, 2023

A human-centred website goes beyond simply looking good; it understands its audience, forging a connection that resonates on a deeply personal level.

Yet, achieving the level of audience understanding required, demands a specific approach. It involves unlocking the insights within each of the following three dimensions:

  • Decision Catalysts (what they’re motivated by and how they like to make decisions)
  • Journey Triggers (what has lead them to the brand / website in the first place)
  • Environmental Factors (what might impact their decision-making capacity)

3 dimensions - human-centred

Decision Catalysts

Uncovering what the audience groups are motivated by and how they like to make decisions.

To unravel what they’re driven by when it comes to decision-making, we turn to behavioural science which guides us here.

It’s about unveiling the intricate threads woven into each persona group’s decision-making fabric. Let’s take Turning Point, a charity client of ours as an example. Using a behavioural science model applied to one of their persona groups, we uncovered a contextual, emotionally driven connection, particularly through community engagement.

This insight led to content framing that emphasised the communal aspect, as demonstrated by these sections in the image below subsequently included on their site. Conversely, if we had uncovered a more rational inclination in that user group, it would have warranted a different content angle. Perhaps more facts and figures based.

Journey Triggers

Uncovering what has lead them to the brand / website in the first place.

Understanding the context which drives your target audience is pivotal from a content perspective. Do the primary audience have a history with your organisation’s services? How have they come across your brand? The essence of nurturing lies here, tailoring content that resonates harmoniously. This practice nurtures a sense of belonging and cultivates a devoted following, as they feel truly heard and understood.

Environmental (and circumstantial) Factors

Understanding what might impact their decision-making capacity.

It’s likely the majority of website users face some distraction or limitation which may restrict or prevent them completing a desired task. For example, globally, 20% of the population contend with disabilities, which might impede how they process colours, imagery, or textual information.

Research we have undertaken ourselves here at OrangeGrove, revealed that 64% of neurodiverse individuals perceive websites differently.

Depending on visitor numbers, catering for these audiences more effectively could mean the difference between converting an extra 10 or 100 people per month. 

This could simply mean using a dyslexia-friendly font on the website or ensuring it’s compatible with screen-readers. Or it could simply mean ensuring the content speaks with the user on their level ie. not overly complex or formal.

Not forgetting of course the importance of a simplified mobile-adapted website for ease of use on the go.

Accounting for environmental and circumstantial factors like these undoubtably enriches the user experience.

By acknowledging and adapting an interface for physical and mental considerations that might influence their interaction with your website, you pave the way for enhanced accessibility.

How to gain this insight

So, how do you find all this out to turn your site into a high-converting, highly engaging marketing channel?

Quite simply, it comes down to talking to the users. Understanding who they are, what they like etc. You can access all the necessary information using tools and techniques such as persona workshops, interviews, usability testing, customer journey mapping, analytics & accessibility audits, surveys and more.

The important thing is to get the whole team on board with a human-centric approach, ensuring everyone understands what it is and why it’s important to the business.

Because fully embraced, the insights have limitless potential, not only from a website point of view, but also a sales, marketing, customer service and business development point of view.

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